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RAM Active Investments launches Long/Short beta neutral Global Equities fund

16 Gennaio 2017

GENEVA 16 JANUARY 2017 – RAM Active Investments (“RAM AI”), the active and alternative asset management company, has announced the launch of RAM (Lux) Systematic Funds - Long/Short Global Equities. The Fund, available in daily-dealing UCITS format, will be collectively managed by Thomas de Saint-Seine, Maxime Botti and Emmanuel Hauptmann, Senior Equity Fund Managers and Founding Partners, who have run the firm’s systematic equity strategies since 2007.

The Fund’s strategy will look to capture market inefficiencies across the developed markets’ universe of more than 6,000 stocks through a quantitative model-driven fundamental and behavioral based stock selection process. The aim is to produce consistent risk-adjusted returns with a diversified portfolio of more than 800 stocks at a given time with no correlation to the underlying market (MSCI World).

RAM AI has offered actively-managed, beta-neutral long/short equity funds to institutional and professional investors since 2009, with more than 776m USD in AUM in existing beta-neutral long/short strategies as of 31 December 2016.

Thomas de Saint-Seine, CEO & Senior Equity Fund Manager, said: “The RAM Long/Short Global strategy will focus purely on stock selection, with the objective of delivering strong, risk-adjusted returns, independent of equity markets evolution.”

“In an environment of increased uncertainty and market volatility, stock selection requires a disciplined approach. Our beta neutral and actively-managed strategy mitigates against market exposure and downside risk.”

The fund is currently available in the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and the Netherlands.



About RAM Active Investments

RAM Active Investments manages active and alternative funds with a boutique investor service delivered by an experienced team of fund managers. They capture market inefficiencies through a quantitative model-driven systematic fundamental investment process, producing consistent risk-adjusted alpha, with minimum volatility.

Key RAM facts:

AUM (as of 31 December 2016): 4.3bn USD.

Inception date: 2007

Office locations: Geneva (Headquarters), London, Luxembourg, Zurich

Founders: Thomas de Saint-Seine, Maxime Botti & Emmanuel Hauptmann